51 Ways to Say Great

How to say great

If you are expecting to hear from someone that you have done something really great then there is nothing wrong. Do you know that there are several ways to say great?
Are you looking for different ways to say great then you are at the right place. This post of mine will throw light on this aspect.
• Awesome!
• Astonishing!
• Beautiful!
• Brilliant!
• Captivating!
• Commendable!
• Distinctive!
• Excellent!
• Exceptional!
• Exemplary!
• Exquisite!
• Extraordinary!
• Fantastic!
• Glorious!
• Fabulous!
• Fascinating!
• Marvelous!
• Wonderful!
• Unique!
• Tremendous!
• Grand!
• Impressive!
• Incredible!
• Laudable!
• Magnificent!
• Mind-blowing!
• Phenomenal!
• Priceless!
• Refreshing!
• Sensational!
• Terrific!
• Commendable!
• Delightful!
• Enjoyable!
• Engaging!
• Captivating!
• Spectacular!
• Splendid!
• Praiseworthy!
• Super!
• Good work!
• Wow!
• Terrific!
• Sensational!
• Perfect!
• That’s better!
• Outstanding!
• Wonderful!
• Keep it up!
• Good going!
• Top-notch!

Hope this post of mine would give you a great scope to communicate better with others in your friend’s circle and also in your workplace. In addition, You can speak English better if you can know more and more phrases than just reading grammar. Also just know WORDS is not important. You may know 1000 words but it may not be effective , know words in combination with phrases to speak better and fluent English. To know how to package your spoken English better visit the following LINK


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