Let's Make Conversation Engaging

You can definitely kick-start your conversation if you can avoid the ten most costly mistakes in a conversation.

You can sharpen your communication skills as you shun away from the mistakes you make.

This is possible by sheer hard work and changing your old habits. Close your ears to those who say you cannot improve your style of conversation.

Good conversation habits would lead to good communication skills. So get ready and break the old age shackles of bad conversation.

Do you think your communication is not so effective? It is not bringing you results.

Then you are making some costly conversation mistakes. What are they? To know, just hang on and read my post

  1. Not Having Proper Listening Skill

Any conversation may turn ugly if you don’t have a proper listening ability. Effective listening can turn the conversation productive and more engaging.

When you listen better, you understand the message better and the result is proper communication. So be calm and relax and pay attention to the speaker.

Don’t try to put a question always when there is no need. It may disturb or annoy the speaker.

Try to take active participation by putting some open-ended question to take the conversation further.

Never interrupt! It brings a bad taste to the conversation.

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    2) Bombarding the Speaker with Endless Questions

You may have queries but you should have a balance between them and your curiosity. Asking repeated questions disturbs the rhythm of the speaker.

The conversation then turns sour. Having patience, there may be just a pause by the speaker. You should not mistake it as the end point.

Let the conversation flow like an endless stream. Feel it and enjoy it!

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     3)   Poor Intonation of Your Ideas

Not able to intonate properly makes the conversation boring.

If you can support your ideas by proper body language and expression power, then your conversation may not be engaging.

Speak slowly to give the listener the opportunity the understand you. Proper emotions should support your words spoken.

So keeps an eye of how you make your sounds and improve your body language to make the conversation engaging.

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  4)  Always Putting You Before Others

Never try to be the leader or hog the limelight. The conversation is only one-way then.

You should give proper space to all parties to the conversation and speak only when you can add value to the conversation.

Try to give equal weighting between speaking and listening. Better listening leads to better understanding. Thus communication flows better.

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    5)Keeping Silent After Sometime

You can often feel nervous after two or three minutes. Silence is golden but not in the conversation.

The other party may think you are not interested. Even if you have run out of ideas after some time, try it out with open-ended questions.

Always try to avoid the close-ended question as it kills the conversation flow.

So no silence, please! Please go on talking.

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    6)Trying to be Jack of all

Showing that you know all and is the master of all tricks leaves a bad taste.

The other parties may not like you for your character and shy away from the conversation.

Just trying to thrust your ideas on others kills the flow of conversation.

On the other hand be calm and try to listen better. Improve your listening skill.

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   7)Choosing Negative Subjects

The more negative subjects you choose the worse the conversation turns. There is an argument and the conversation dies an early death.

Think positive, be positive, and show optimism rather than pessimism. Never react but respond.

Avoid conversation on topics like religion, caste or any relationship.

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    8)Not Responding Properly

Not responding appropriately and timely when the other party to the conversation put forward his or her opinion is one way to kill the conversation.

He or she will feel disinterested and shy away from communication further.

Try to be upbeat and take the initiative to take the conversation one step ahead.

Open-up and embrace others opinion to make the conversation more lively and engaging.

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    9)Being too serious

Never try to be serious and feel disheartened when you can’t find the right set of words to express.

Take it easy, never be tensed. With the passage of time, you will learn to communicate better.

Work on your body language and gestures also. This will be a boost to your words spoken.

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    10)Getting into an Argument

It is a costly mistake. You can agree or disagree on a certain point. Everyone has his or her own opinion about a topic.

You have to know how to respect others opinion. There is no point arguing and turning the conversation messy.

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Over to You

Now give a kick-start to your conversation. Stop making these costly mistakes.

Now the time has come to be smart and give a value to the conversation you have with others.

How about you? What have you done to improve your conversation skill?

Do you have any other ideas to share to make the conversation more engaging?

You can also have a look at how some other conversation mistake we should avoid at any costs.

Share some of your experience as to how you improve on your conversation skill. Let’s talk about them in the comment section below.





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