10 Simple Ways to Think in English

think better speak better


10 simple ways to think in English

Think better speak better

You have been learning English for many years now. But you agree that when it comes to speaking you are not that confident. You simply get stuck at some point and cannot express better.

So what you say? “My communication skill is very poor” “I am very poor at speaking English” and so on. But why is the situation so? Why others can speak fluent English when you cannot.

Is there a way out?  This post will in all probability help remove all the obstacles you face and prepare you better for a conversation in English.

My first point to stress is that it can be done irrespective of the medium you study. Some simple steps would guide you through the process.  Do you think in English? You may be wondering what is thinking in English means.

So relax, and just go through this post to know the simple tips of how to think in English and speak fluent English.

  1. This is the first step. You have to consider all the objects which are around you. It may be a simple object ranging from a pencil, pen, and water and so on. When you see them you have to think those objects in English and not in your mother tongue.
  2. This basic thinking in English of simple things should be started and should go on for some time.
  3. Make a beginning with simple objects you see around and not jump to some things which are complex and cannot be thought of from your mother tongue to English.
  4. You have to take the help of a dictionary to see what are the WORDS for the objects which we know in our mother tongue. But consider those which are of daily use. It can be of some food products, like pulses, spices, and so on which you see around.
  5. Next, try to make a phrase with the object you think in English. You can also go for short sentence if possible. You can think of an animal dog and then thing my dog, my dog is faithful, and my dog is very good.
  6. You can take another object pen and think like- My pen, my new pen, my best pen, my lucky pen, the pen is mightier than a sword and so on. Take another word day- hot day, today is a very hot day.
  7. Unless you get yourself in comfortable position thinking in English with these simple objects don’t rush up for the next step. Be fluent here using these words. It may take time but it will be a foundation for you in the future days to speak English fluently.
  8. Think about a specific situation and go deep into thinking about the subject. Think about a hospital and see how many more words can you think of related to such words like patients, medicines, ward, doctors, nurses and injections and so on.
  9. Try to learn with native speakers which will help you to get motivated. Try to get connected with native speakers with the help of podcasts or some conversation programs.
  10. To think in English try to spend a short period of time and not stretch for a longer time. Give some intervals in between to get better results.

Over to you

Start smart thinking in English today and not wait for tomorrow and make it a habit to think every time you get the opportunity. There is no short cut to success. Think today and speak tomorrow in English as fluent as a native speaker does.



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