10 Stupid Things You Should Never Do When Learning English


Are you trying to learn the art of communicating in English? How far is your progress?

You have put your best but of no avail. No improvement and you are frustrated!

Don’t you think there is something wrong? Yes, you should stop doing some stupid things to come out of the shackle.

Let’s get started and see what stupid things we should never do to make our learning process much easier.

1) Stop Thinking Your Mother Tongue!

As a beginner, you can take the help of your mother tongue but not later on.

Stop thinking of it and put your concentration on the words used by the speaker. So listening is vital for your success. Listening is a skill you should develop to speak English fluently.

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2)  Stop Thinking Pessimistic!

Having a negative attitude and always thinking that your English is poor will not help.

Instead of thinking I am weak in English you can think I have to learn English at any cost. Work hard and check your performance after every two or three days.

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3)Control Your Nervousness!

You can overcome your nervousness while speaking by speaking more you can.

Stop thinking you can’t!

Make use of the every single chance you get to speak English. The more you speak the more confident you will feel and converse in English better.

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4)Don’t Think Much of Your Mistakes!

To err is human. You will surely make some mistakes. But you should not think much about them.

Have some idea of the basic rules of grammar and start speaking even if you make mistakes.

Everyone makes some mistakes and you will also. No one is interested in your mistakes but interested in what you say.

Try to identify your mistakes and work on it to make progress.

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5)Be less Egoistic When Some Negative Comments Come!

There will be some negative comments about your way of speaking English.

Have a positive frame of mind and take all in your stride. Respect others opinions and look for ways to improve your communication skills.

Stop reducing your mother tongue influence with every passing day and your English will sound natural and better.

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6)Stupid Thinking You Can Only Learn in Class!

A classroom is not the only place to learn English. Make use of the every opportunity.

You can learn English by observing at a railway station, restaurant and any other place you visit.

Try to use it in your daily conversation even though it may be some few words only.

If you find anything interesting written somewhere like in a banner, the tagline of any business, or at some public places note it down.

Phrases like “No Smoking” “No Parking” “Use Me”  “Keep your city clean” are all very useful.

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7)Never Submit to Your Failures!

At times you may feel that you are not making any headway and think of giving up.

Stop thinking that way and give just another try. Just say to yourself “one more time’.

Work yourself hard and try every way to improve your English.

Have patience and success will kiss you in the long run.

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8)Never Waste Time Just Thinking!

This is another thinking you and I do most of the time. We think a lot. We think and think only as to how to improve our English.

Take a piece of paper or notebook and try to pen down your ideas in a piece of paper. Translate your ideas into something concrete.

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9)Never try to be Like Other Speakers!

Try to be yourself and have your own style of speaking English. Stop comparing with others and be like them.

This move is not a wise step and will not be appreciated as not one likes a copy style way of speaking.

You will have your own strengths and weakness. Work on your strengths and convert your weakness into strengths at every opportunity.

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10)Stop Studying at a Stretch!

Stop studying for long hours. Give a break! Study for 15 or 20 minutes and then relax.

You will get the energy to study again and take in more.

Always be at ease when you are trying to learn something new. A calm and relax brain will help you learn the art of speaking English better.

Study only when you feel like studying and not pressurize yourself.

The learning process should be full of fun and excitement and not a painful experience.

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Over to You

Now you will surely stop doing these stupid things and see your communication skills improve.

You will get a feel that others understand you better.

Stop thinking negative about yourself. Always give another try. You may have a look Here to Be Smarter When Learning English

How about you? What things are you trying to improve your English?

Share some of your strategies which worked for you to improve your English. Let’s talk about them in the comment section below.




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