100 Most Commonly Used English Phrases in Conversations



  1. Keep going
  2. I will be there in an hour
  3. Come back right now.
  4. What should I tell you?
  5. Just go on doing.
  6. Just do as you are directed.
  7. Don’t make me angry.
  8. Don’t mind.
  9. My mistake.
  10. Come on let’s try again.
  11. What’s the noise all about?
  12. Tell him to stop talking nonsense.
  13. What’s the matter?
  14. Just forget it.
  15. We should work together.
  16. Get out from here as quick as you can.
  17. Why not?
  18. That’s good enough.
  19. Excuse me.
  20. What would you like to take?
  21. Just a moment.
  22. You have lost your common sense.
  23. The sooner you go the better it will be.
  24. Tell me why you are late.
  25. Tell me why you are worried.
  26. What should I do?
  27. Have you made it to the railway station?
  28. You can touch cold.
  29. Take care.
  30. Call me anytime you wish.
  31. Get in touch me as early as possible.
  32. You look so beautiful.
  33. Not yet.
  34. Definitely yes.
  35. I am pretty sure.
  36. Stop talking nonsense.
  37. There is still something to fight for.
  38. Make the most of your time.
  39. Don’t waste your time.
  40. Take it or leave it.
  41. Whatever you do.
  42. As you wish.
  43. There is someone knocking at the door.
  44. Nothing special.
  45. Keep yourself fit.
  46. Try once more.
  47. You have nothing to worry.
  48. Let’s speak fluent English.
  49. Let’s go.
  50. Tell me your problem.
  51. Are you crazy?
  52. Have you gone mad?
  53. I should have been more careful.
  54. I am getting nervous.
  55. What’s the problem?
  56. Get well soon.
  57. I was looking for you.
  58. Did you get it?
  59. Did you do the work?
  60. Hold your tongue.
  61. Get some rest.
  62. Just for you.
  63. Mind your language.
  64. Best of luck.
  65. Make yourself comfortable.
  66. Will you make friendship with me?
  67. Feel free to call me.
  68. Get in touch with me soon.
  69. We really miss you.
  70. What’s going on?
  71. I expect a lot from you.
  72. It will take a while.
  73. Check out the latest songs.
  74. Thanks for giving me a helping hand.
  75. I can’t believe my ears.
  76. See you tomorrow.
  77. Obey the traffic rules.
  78. Get down to business.
  79. It’s incredible.
  80. In case it rains.
  81. Stop making fun of me.
  82. I will give you a lift.
  83. She was supposed to come tonight.
  84. Who cares
  85. How do I look tonight in my new dress?
  86. Give your best.
  87. You should not give up.
  88. Everything will be fine.
  89. It is my pleasure.
  90. What a pleasant surprise.
  91. How to teach English.
  92. How to say sorry.
  93. Enjoy your evening.
  94. I think so.
  95. Perhaps not.
  96. It does not matter.
  97. No problem
  98. No, not at all.
  99. Get ready.
  100. Anything else.

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