12 Websites to Learn and Practice English Grammar

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If you want to improve your knowledge of English it is very important to know about English Grammar the sound way. So how do you do that?
There are many ways to do that. You can take the help of a teacher or buy some books available. But with the advent of the internet, there are some beautiful websites to help you improve your English power.
So here is a list of websites which you can browse to learn and practice English Grammar
1) English Club


This is a perfect site for English learners. You will find a lot of lessons of grammar and quizzes to check your knowledge. Get to know more about Grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, spelling, listening, speaking, reading, writing and much more.

2) Englishleap.com

You will find a lot of lessons on English Grammar and will be able to put your questions. There are a lot of useful grammar rules, how to improve your English vocabulary, how to use punctuation, common mistakes in English, exercises, quizzes, video lessons and some incredible resources which you should go through.
3) English grammar exercises by Kaplan



This is another incredible site to learn English. The positive side of this site is offering some amazing English courses. You will be able to get some incredible knowledge about English grammar in a very simple way. Some posts like the easy way to good grammar, 8 simple English mistakes to avoid are worth reading.
4) EnglishGrammar.org

This blog by Jennifer is one of the best I have come across. Over the years she has created some excellent materials to learn English. The great part is that you can download the resources and use it according to your convenience. There are a lot of resources on Adjectives, Verbs, Punctuation and much more.
5) UsingEnglish.com

This is another place for practicing English grammar and polishing your skill to write and speak good English. The site offers lots of printable lessons for you on several topics. You have the scope to communicate with other learners of English and native tutors. Have a question? Ask them anytime.
6) Learn English by British Council

A perfect place to learn all about English. There are lots of resources on grammar and vocabulary, you can listen and watch, some fun games, IELTS. I am sure this site will attract you a lot and has to offer you so much. So just visit this site and know more about English grammar.
7) English Grammar Secrets

This is another place to know about English grammar as there are lots of grammar explanations. You can go through the lessons first and then attempt to do the exercises. Go through the examples that will assist you to speak as well as write the best way everyone would appreciate.
8) English Teacher Melanie

There is useful information on English learning where you can learn and practice something fresh every day. There are some useful phrases, study tips, videos and grammar lessons to improve your knowledge of English.
9) Perfectyourenglish.com

This is one place I enjoyed spending time as there are free online resources to guide you to use the right English Grammar, Practical English usage, vocabulary, English writing and speaking. You can also test your level of knowledge of English language with the use of free interactive grammar and vocabulary exercises. So just visit this site and enjoy your time ahead.

10) Learn Real English

This is another important site where you can improve your knowledge of English. You will get to know about the grammar mistakes every time you speak English, the pronunciation mistakes, and all the difficult words you come across so simple way explained.
11) Really Learn English

This is another place where you can look for to improve your English power. There are some effective teaching materials, a good deal of useful and unique resources. They are all structured in such a way to help you learn the tricks of English.
12) Perfect English Grammar

This is another place where you can learn about verb tenses, reported speech, go through some grammar exercises, know about the articles, brush up your knowledge about conditionals and how it is used, stative and dynamic verbs , adjectives, prepositions, verb patterns, the passive voice, gerunds and infinitives and some advice on how to learn English.

Over To You
This list of websites will surely help you to gain more knowledge of English Grammar in the coming days.
You will get to more about English grammar and the silly mistakes which are made while we write and speak English.
So come back again and again and visit my site to know more about Grammar and other sites to improve your English Skills.
If you anything more to say or some sites you know that can help to improve English Grammar skills, please share it in the comment section below.


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