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English is one word which I have heard from my childhood days. To have a frank confession I was not so much emotionally attached to this subject as I am today. Today most of the time I devote myself to this subject as I get so much satisfaction and joy which I don’t get from others. Today in this modern world English has become an international language and a medium of communication. Though I did not learn fluent spoken English in a day I worked hard over a period of time to improve my English speaking skills.

Let me take you all, to the time when I used to go to school. Like other students I took it as just another subject. Our medium of study was English and so naturally all the subjects that we studied were also in English. I still remember my sir in class-x. His name was Mr. Samuel. He was so good in English and was able to motivate all the students in the class to enjoy learning English. From there on I started to read English not just for passing the exam or getting good marks but for knowledge and pleasure. I worked on my vocabulary part and studied grammar online when possible. My father had also a role to play. He used to provide me with English Newspaper to read and ask me questions regarding what I have read. It was a lit bit of pressure but I enjoyed.

Practice a lot and have confidence to learn English. Practice every day and surely you will get results. Look for someone who can motivate you or even try to motivate yourself. Remember, “NO PAIN NO GAIN” Even today I spend a lot of time learning the basics like Noun, Pronoun, and Verb and so on. Every time I study I get to know something new. So even if you know, say what is Noun, even then go through the chapter to have a better idea. One advise I can give you is that try to go through the grammar books of some lower class like , Class-3, Class-4, etc . You can understand them easily as it is written in simple language which you can retain in your brain for a long time. Try to speak with students who are going to school in English or discuss with them any topic, you may get to know something which you did not think also.

English has become a global language and most of the official work is done in English. So how can you ignore English? Try to improve vocabulary and learn grammar online free. The earlier you start working on this subject (English) the better you position will be in this competitive world. Just academic knowledge will not help you to get through the interview board. You need to be able to read, write and speak English well to be in better position. Just give a little time daily and read as long as you get the pleasure to do it. Then again sit for another session.


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Here at skillenglish.com every attempt will be made to make your English learning an easy process. Hoping to meet you soon at my website where we can exchange our views and thoughts on various topics and make our learning process more interesting, fun and delightful experience. Until then good bye and have a nice time, enjoying learning English

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