AS Well As Usage Grammar Rules

As well as conveys the same meaning as the usage of not only-but also like

  • She is tall as well as heavily built ( She is not only tall but also heavily built)
  • Tom, as well as Peter, wants to leave early.

Thus, we can see that we use, “As well as” when we want to add some more information to a fact that is already known to the person whom we are speaking. The usage of as well as should not be confused with the usage of and.

What type of verb normally follows after as well as

  • Father, as well as mother, wants to go to the church. (Here both the subjects joined by as well are singular and since mother is singular, we make the verb singular by adding to the verb  S and making it wants.
  • Boys, as well as girls, like to play (In this sentence we get two subjects with are both plural and so we do not add to the verb anything and keep the plural.)

Let us now look at a sentence where there are two action VERBS, unlike in other sentences where there are two nouns or subjects or we talk about qualities.

  • Tom hurt his finger as well as breaking his hand. (The verb that follows immediately after as well as should be in the ing

Again in a sentence there is an infinitive form of verb in the first part of the sentence we do not need to use another in the infinite form like

  • I have to wash the clothes as well as clean the rooms.



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