Continually vs Continuously- Know The Difference

continually or con tinuously

The two words continually and continuously have baffled many a user. There is a slight difference in their meanings. Improper use of these two words is sure to make a big difference to the sentence you make and the person who is going to read it. It is vital to make the correct use of grammar, to convey the right meaning.

Continually- It defines a process where there is a break in the action


  • All the roads in our area were water logged as it rained continually for five days
  • Pradip was interrogated continually for a week in the police station in regard to the theft in our area.


Continuously– This is a process where no interruption takes place in the action


  • Mary was so excited about her marriage that she continuously spoke over the phone with her boy friend without giving him the opportunity to speak.
  • Cold Wind has been blowing continuously for the last two days making life miserable for the people here.

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