Declarative Sentence- The most common type of sentence used

declarative sentence

Perhaps the most familiar sentence type in the English language, declarative sentences is utilized when you need to create an impression. Whether it’s a strong proclamation or a basic certainty, the sole reason for a declarative sentence is to give information and finishes with a period.You’ll discover a large portion of your composition contains declarative sentences, as well. Basically the majority of your essays and reports can be made completely of this kind of sentence. If the intention is to give information and statements of facts, or to express a thought, or to contend a point, declarative sentences will perform the task perfectly. What’s more, let’s be honest; that is precisely what information seekers are searching for. Keep in mind that declarative sentences aren’t intend to evoke a response with a command or question. They essentially provide information.

Declarative sentences always have a subject and a predicate. The subject can be a simple one or a compound joined with a conjunction and or but



  • The life of so many people is at risk because of the gas leak.
  • My bike is new
  • Tom and John are friends
  • Tomorrow I am leaving for France.
  • The players played very well, and the spectators enjoyed the match.
  • My mother cooks food every day.
  • Tomorrow I am leaving for my college.
  • I go to school every day.

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