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Tell me something about yourself is the first question we get to answer in an interview board. We have to get this right as this will set the tone of the interview. The better you answer the question, the more your chance will be.

If you are preparing for a job interview then this post would help you in many ways. You get confidence and know the smart way to answer the most common question- “Tell me something about yourself.”

There are many questions which are sure to come up in most of the job interviews. Irrespective of the industry you want to enter, the years of experience and the level you are trying. So what are they? Let’s have a look at some of them-

  • What is your weakness?
  • What are your strengths?
  • Where do you see yourself five years from now?

These are all stupid questions as it appears in almost all interviews but actually, it is one way chosen by the interviewer to start a conversation.

One question that still throws job-seekers for a loop is the most common one. “Tell me something about yourself”. This to some is the most dreaded question to be asked. They acknowledge that could have answered the question better but could not.

Most candidates hate this question to be asked. But the fact of the matter is that those getting frustrated don’t understand what the interviewer actual intention is.

Preparing the right way and with a little bit of care can make you confident and no way you should fear this question to be asked.

On the other hand, this question gives an opportunity to set the rhythm and tone of the job interview and stress on those points that you have a strong hold. This is what the employer wants to know about you.

Don’t let the opportunity go out of hand and it is the right time to grab the situation and use it to your advantage to COMMUNICATE better.Never try to tell a long story of the resume you have already stated.

Just mentioning your love for games or dance and all about your father or mother will not fetch you the dream job. Focus on your skills and say how you can contribute to the growth of the organization.

The response you give should be brief, a keen response that presents the whole picture fit for the job. Get to know this is the right time to give information about your great achievements and your future objectives.

What the interviewer wants?

Why does the interviewer ask this question- “Tell me something about yourself”. The interviewer  is not interested in your personal information and so never share personal information. The interview people are not interested in knowing about your favorite color.

What is the intention of the interviewer trying to achieve by putting the question, “Tell me something about yourself”.  Basically, the interviewer wants to open a frank conversation which will give him some insight about you.

Through this question, the interviewer actually wants to decide if you are good enough for the job opening for which he is paid to select the perfect person. In most cases, he actually appreciates you and wants to make it easier to select the right candidate.

But he is also guarded in his observation. The reason is that if he selects or chooses the poor candidate, then he will be blamed for the judgment. This will show his negative qualities and retards his promotion chance.

The interviewer hopes that this question will get you to talk. Through this question, the interviewer tries to get an impression of you. The answer you give will set the tone for the interview and a perfect answer you give would be your strongest selling point.

Tell Me About yourself- Customize the answer according to situation

The answer to the question, “Tell me about yourself” should be customized according to the situation. Make slight modification according to the kind of interview you are giving. Keep in mind to be focused and brief. You should not take more than 2 minutes time to finish the answer.

The answer you give should highlight the number of year’s experience you have in a particular industry and your area of specialization. Try to point out how your qualification and experience helps you do the job.

Try to end your answer saying why you are the right person for the job and how to like to accept the challenge and why if you are going for a change. You can say that for better opportunities you are looking for a change.

Useful tips to answer the trick but common question

Try to give the maximum punch in the first few lines by highlighting your professional experience and pointing your strengths which will tell what type of person you are. This answer is not so easy for everyone and so a lot of preparation is needed to answer cleverly the question.

You can say “I am innovative and efficient store manager having 9 years of experience looking after the store operations. I have five juniors working under me and we are working well as a team”

Then give a brief background about where you grew up as a child and add a little bit of spice to make it more interesting as well as funny.

The answer can be like “I grew up in a small village and then moved to Mumbai and finished my education in a renowned college. I was very naughty in my childhood days and so earned a tag naught tag in my school but as I grew up I became more serious and started studying in college.

Again remember though you have mentioned everything in your CV it is better to highlight some of the strong points which increase your chance to get the job.  Like what you have achieved professionally in your career.

The answer can be like because of my performance I was promoted to the rank of Senior Manager and have achieved the highest sales figure in the last financial year.

Try to end your answer by telling them why you want the job and how you can contribute. Say frankly that since you have worked for 7 years or more, now you are looking for a change, or you have problems with your seniors and so want to make a change or salary may be the problem for you now and you want a hike.

Some common mistakes you should avoid


  • Don’t try to give a very long answer and bore the interviewer. By the time you reach your point of explanation, the interviewer has already decided against you.
  • It is no use being too modest in the interview, but try to sell yourself effectively. The interviewers are more interested in your skill and so takes him to a journey down the lane and take him past your modest character. Let him have a professional image of yours.
  • Remember this is not a dating session but a job interview, so saying more about your family and your personal life does not work here. In fact, stress on your professional skill that you can contribute.

Final Touch

Since this question is a vital one and will decide whether you will get the job or not, it is very important to prepare yourself for the question. Try to practice as much as you can and give the best reply you can.

Before you appear for an interview in a company , try to do a little bit of research and see what are the job responsibilities, whether it matches your skill or not. If it does than you get a good chance to win the interview because you can then give a perfect reply to the question, “Tell me something about yourself.”

Before the big day make yourself ready to give a perfect reply and for that you have to do a lot of hard work to set the tone of interview in your favor and tell all about yourself in a professional manner

Now as you have got an idea to answer the question better , sit down and take your time to better prepare the question and face the interview.

Try to place your story in an interesting and skillful way. You should know how to package yourself according to the situation.

All the while giving an answer to the question, “Tell me about yourself” have a smile and be POSITIVE in your outlook to show that you are confident enough to face any challenge in this world and not just the particular interview.




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