How To Create A Positive First Impression

How To Create A Positive First Impression


Do you think you will get a second chance to make a positive first impression? No, you only get once and you have to use it.

You know how crucial a first impression is. It is the first few seconds of your interaction with another person which will tell all about you and will change the course of your future. Making a killer positive impression is so important in our life to climb the ladder of success.

Is it possible to reverse the first impression once made? It is very difficult to change. So make your first step the right one where the other person will evaluate you.

You may be in any profession but it is very important to know how to create that positive first impression that can have a lasting impact on your life.

Let us have a look at some of the ways you can create a positive impression the first time you meet someone:

Know your audience

Research is very important. When you have a meeting that is planned well ahead it is advisable to know in depth about the person or business that you are going to discuss with before you arrive for the big day. It is very important to know the history; how they conduct their business and their relevant competitors and many other vital elements before you finally move on to have that meeting. All this effort will present you as the best professional person leaving behind a positive first impression

Present yourself properly


To present yourself properly is to dress up in such a way that you are noticed by everyone around. Try to dress up according to the situation. If you are preparing to face an interview board you have to dress in a way that it catches the eyes of the interviewer. But when you dress for a marriage party the dress code becomes different. So know beforehand what the situation you are going to be is.

Try to present a picture of yourself booming with confidence. Remember a picture will speak the value of thousand words.

Be confident in your approach


You don’t have to present a look of model or actor to impress someone. You can be simple but still look confident to impress others. Deal with confidence each situation which comes to you.  Show correct body language to project your confidence.

This you can do by having a smile on your face, a good handshake or a proper eye contact. All these activities will help transfer a positive feeling to other person and help the other person to feel comfortable while sleeping.

Be calm and composed

It is important to be calm and composed as only then others can depend on you. So be calm and composed and your confidence will surely help you develop this ability. Be at ease and make the other person also at ease to give a positive first impression.

Give them the opportunity to talk first

When you meet someone it is very important to give the other person to talk first and not just go on talking about your achievements. You have to get the people’s confidence and the best way is to give the other person to talk first. This gives a feeling of coolness between you and the other and a healthy relationship develops.

Develop eye contact

When you make eye contact with the other person talking it makes you a lot smarter and bring in you a lot of confidence. The individuals who make eye contact are looked upon as intelligent and optimistic. When you don’t have eye contact while communication there is every chance of communication going wrong and leads to misunderstanding. Thus the positive impression evades you and you get into a spot.

Make use of power words

Power words or PHRASES when used in the first meeting create a positive impression and gain professionally. Some list of power words is hard-working, team player, leadership, and many others. To know more about the list of power words you can use in your communication to create a positive impression visit the following link?

Be polite and attentive

The positive first impression has a lot to do with the type of manner you have or show towards others. You should be very polite and attentive towards others when interacting. A courteous behavior can help create a killer first impression. You can be rude or arrogant and lose the chance of making the positive first impression.

Try to keep your mobile phone in a silent mode or switched off when you are interacting with someone for the first time and trying to gain ground. Obviously, no one likes to be disturbed and annoyed while talking and so take care that your first meeting does not go wrong.

Speak well to communicate

When you speak well then instantly a positive impression is formed of you. Try to speak in an accent which is understood by the person. Make use of simple sentence and correct grammar to have a positive impact. Don’t speak fast; speak at a speed which makes the other person understand what you are saying. Avoid using some bombastic words or phrases to create a killer first impression, the result may be horrible.

Be yourself

A POSITIVE FIRST IMPRESSION cannot be developed by pretending what you are not. You will be easily identified. It is very important not to lie to someone to gain a good impression. It might turn ugly and hurt the relationship you are trying to develop.

.Have sense of time


Don’t try to put lame excuse for not coming to meet someone for the first time. He or she is not interested. It is vital to come on time for any assignment you have to perform. Coming early is the big factor which helps to form a positive impression about you among others. Surely those who are professionals are not latecomers. So make it a point to come on time.

Finish your discussion with a positive note

It is very important to finish your interaction with a positive not. You have to express or tell them you had a very nice time talking or interacting. You can remark by saying it was a pleasure meeting and hope to meet soon. Give the other person the feeling that he was the best person you have ever met and enjoyed the company. There is no doubt that anyone would like to have a good time when meeting for the first time. Make the other person feel important before leaving creates a positive impression in the minds of people you meet.



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