How to Overcome Nervousness Easily While Speaking

Tips to become a confident public speaker
overcome nervousness to become a public speaker

Tips to become a confident public speaker

Nervousness while speaking is a mental assault many speakers face.

But how to overcome nervousness while speaking is a million dollar question for many speakers.

Nervousness while speaking is a mental trauma that makes us feels naked emotionally in front of our friends, teachers, and colleagues.

So are you one of them who get nervousness while speaking in public?

You prepared hard for your presentation and failed to deliver on the big day. You have a problem and bit worried.

The good news is that you can overcome nervousness and become a confident speaker. All of us have a powerful instrument and that is our voice.

You should modulate your voice so that the language spoken appears melodious to the ears of the listeners.

The following are some useful tips to overcome nervousness while speaking and become a confident speaker. So continue reading and get to know them.

Practice and Practice Comprehensively

Practice makes someone perfect and so you have to do a lot of speaking practice to overcome nervousness. Don’t just read but speak. Remember the audience is not interested in your reading but wants some useful information. So deliver them through your speech.

Remove Your Fear

Eliminate the fear that you will make mistakes while speaking. We are not perfect and we make mistakes. So just concentrate on your speaking efforts.

Practice in Front of a Mirror.

You can practice speaking in front of a mirror and overcome nervousness. When you speak in front of a mirror, you get to see your facial expression, body movements, and gestures and make positive changes.

Recording Your Voice

You can overcome nervousness while speaking if you can record your voice. Keeping a recorder makes you alert and helps you identify where you make mistakes while speaking.

Control Your Speed

Try to maintain an average speed while speaking and not try to communicate fast. Be relaxed and composed while speaking and appear as a confident speaker. The more relaxed you are while speaking the less nervous you will feel while speaking.

Concentrate on Your Speech

Try not to concentrate on the audience just but work hard on the subject matter you are going to speak. Speak well and COMMUNICATE better rather than thinking about the audience only and getting nervousness while speaking.

Choose a Topic You Are Comfortable With

When you choose a topic try out one you are comfortable and share whatever you know with the audience. Try to engage the audience.

Have Some Useful Sessions With Your Friends

Friends are an important asset and so get their help. Speak in front of your friends and ask them to identify your flaws. Also, this helps you to remove your nervousness while speaking.

Be at the Spot Early.

Make a habit to reach the spot early and have a feel about the environment well before the appointed time. This gives you the confidence to speak confidently and overcome nervousness.

Focus Your Thoughts

Focus your thoughts and energy on your speech and pass on relevant information at regular intervals. IN that way you engage the audience better and a bonding develops which removes your fear while speaking.

Over to You

Decide now that you have to learn the art of speaking and walk the extra mile to achieve your goal to be a confident public speaker.

Accept that you have a problem of feeling nervousness and try to fight it rather than ignoring it.

So after going through this post, you can easily overcome your nervousness while speaking anywhere in public or when you are giving a presentation.



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