How to Use Good and Well Correctly in a Sentence

how to use good and well

The two English words GOOD and WELL are often a matter of great concern to most of the English learners and so difficult to use in conversation. This lesson would help you to put rest all doubts and help you get a good understanding of the two words.

good vs well difference

how to use good and well

Good is an adjective and it is always used with a noun. So let us look at some examples.

  • He is a good student. ( The word student is a noun)
  • He is a good player. ( The word player is a noun)
  • She is a good teacher. ( The word teacher is a noun)

Well is an adverb and it modifies a verb, another adverb or an adjective also in some cases.  So let us look at some of the following sentences-

  • Mary behaves well. (Well is an adverb and it modifies the verb behaves.)
  • Peter plays well. (It modifies the verb play. So how does Peter play? He plays well.)
  • She looks very pale. ( here pale is an adjective and so the word very which is an adverb modifies the adjective pale)

In some cases, we can find an adverb which modifies another adverb also. So don’t get confused.

  • Tom plays cricket very well. (So how well does Tom play. He plays very well)

Bottom Line

In case the similarity of the meaning may create confusion in the mind of the learners of English. Take some time to see what word it modifies. If it is a verb mainly it is wise to use the word well and if it is a noun use good. To know more about such confused WORDS have a look at our website.


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