Interpersonal Skills- Do You Really Need It

Interpersonal Skills- Do You Really Need It

Interpersonal skills can be a game changer for anyone trying to get a foothold in the corporate world. What is it? How can it help you?

In general terms it refers to a quality present in a person or an employee to move along with others in his day to day activities. In other words it can also be interpreted as to how an employee get connected with others and thereby get the work completed by others.

Individuals who have and who will work on their interpersonal skills are sure to get more success in their professional career as well in their social lives.

Big business houses often look for professionals who have high interpersonal skills. This is mainly because they are on the lookout for those people who can well fit in a team and manage it by effectively communicating with other members of the team.


It has been observed that those persons who have strong interpersonal skills have a positive approach towards life and shows other the right path. They tend to create an environment where others also start looking at the positive side of the things.

Interpersonal skills surely give a chance to a candidate to be identified and improve the likelihood of cracking an interview. It gives a healthy support to the technical skills you have and works like a booster. Hard skills will land you a job but how much successful you will become, depend on your interpersonal skills.

Types of Interpersonal Skills

  • Verbal Communication
  • Non-Verbal Communication
  • Strong Self Confidence
  • Listening
  • Optimistic Attitude
  • Team workable
  • Ability to Solve Problems
  • Decision Making Ability
  • Time Management
  • Handling Pressure
  • Mentality to admit criticism
  • Positive Work Ethic

Verbal Communication

This is one skill you have to work on to create an impact. What you say should be very clear. Don’t try to rush up with what you want to say. Speak for others and so slow down your speech so that others understand clearly what you say. A good understand of the fact will in return fetch a positive response.

Non-Verbal Communication

Others make an impression about you before you open your big mouth and it is very difficult to change. Right from your facial expression to your body language all plays an important role in your success story. Your facial expression should be booming with confidence and your body language should tell that you are ready for any challenge that comes your way. So give equal weightage to your non-verbal COMMUNICATION SKILLS.

Strong Self Confidence

Strong self-confidence help perform any job better. Companies look for those professionals who are self- confident. The more confident you are the more optimistic you will appear in your approach.  Strong self-confidence can make a no situation yes. So before you jump into the competitive world develop strong self-confidence.


Try to be better listener. Hone your skills in such a way that you do active listening. Don’t just listen to say yes or no. Try to understand what the speaker is saying. When you fail to listen, there is bound to be miscommunication and ultimately misunderstanding. Listen carefully and give a patient hearing to give a better response.

Optimistic Attitude

Attitude matters and so have an optimistic attitude to have all your problems melt down. Negative approach can help you stay in the competition. To make yourself impactful on others and compel others to have a look at you, try to develop a positive attitude towards work and others around you.

Team workable

Ability to work in a team is very important. If you cannot blend with others in a team, then it is impossible to work in a corporate sector. You cannot work alone and achieve the objectives and goals of the organisation. Corporate houses look for team players as it brings positive results and foster growth and prosperity. So make yourself presentable, adaptable and flexible in your approach and be a team player.

Ability to Solve Problems

Problems surface more in your life both in your personal and professional. So your ability to solve problems as and when it appears is one skill that improves your personality and packages you better. Your sense of judgement and approach you take is bound to help your ability to solve problems. Corporate houses look for professionals having strong problem solving skills.

Decision Making Ability

Decision making is a tough job and we cannot ignore that at one point or other we have to take decision which may reflect upon our personal and professional lives. You should take decision only after you have all the facts gathered and not always in a rush. Develop your ability to take a strong and decisive action to bring fruitful results for who you are working.

 Time Management

There will be a lot of work to do both in your professional and personal lives and you should set a time according to which it should be done. Prioritize your work and not try to do all the work in one time. This won’t bring result and all your effort would end up in smoke. To better manage your time do the most important ones first and the others later.

Handling Pressure

Managing a critical situation and staying cool in a particular situation is a positive trait considered by many corporate houses. Any employer would prefer you if you can exhibit these qualities inside you. Remember there are jobs which call for deadlines to be maintained and also pressure will come your way. So another key to be successful is the ability to handle pressure.

Mentality to admit criticism

The attitude to accept criticism and understand why others think otherwise of you is critical to success. There is no need to respond aggressively for every situation. Aggressiveness can only aggravate a situation. To possess leadership skills it is important to keep in mind what others think about you also. Accept criticism and give a constructive feedback to bring a healthy working environment.

Positive Work Ethic

Companies look for professionals who have the traits of punctuality and can be relied upon. So if you want to be considered, then definitely develop a positive work ethic and give your best. Avoiding a situation and always depending on others for getting the job done is best to be avoided. So develop and make you counted among the group of people who can be relied upon.

Final Thoughts

All the qualities mentioned above are very important but this is not an exhaustive list. There are others. Even if you work on the points mentioned above and work hard to achieve them. Remember you cannot develop them in a day or a handful of days. It may take time, be patient and observe others to learn faster. Learn to accept criticism in a positive way. 

A bright future awaits you, welcome it with all your positive traits and try to create impact on the persons around you to climb up the ladder of success.






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