Listening Skills the Foundation for Success- Do You Have It

Listen better to communicate better

Listening is vital for effective communication. How many of us actually listen? Do we listen or hear?

Listening is so important for any successful communication. But the fact is we tend to speak more than listen to others.

For any relationship to stay you need to have the gift of listening. Listening to others can solve many problems and ensure less of

Without effective listening there is miscommunication. This can make you misunderstand others or the other way round.

So if you have a problem listening and coming to the perfect decision. Then this post is for you. Let’s get started and see how we can improve our listening skills.

What is listening? How does it differ from hearing?

Hearing is a process which happens automatically. You don’t have to do anything for that to happen.

Listening is more than just hearing. Here we put all our focus and concentrate on what the speaker is saying. Not only stress is laid on the delivery of the contents but also on the subject matter of the content.

For effective listening you have to put your focus on the verbal side but also on the non-verbal part of the speaker. You have to get more engaged with the speaker at every stage of COMMUNICATON.

Many owe their success to their listening skills. So why not give a try and improve your listening skills and reach the pinnacle of your career.

Barriers to Improve Listening Skills

The great barrier for effective listening is our mindset. We have to change our mindset to listening rather than just speaking.

Most of the time we don’t listen to what the speaker is saying and are distracted by some other elements. You should not think of a reply when listening. When you listen better, the reply will also be better.

You may at times find the topic to be less interesting and try to move away because of the speaker style of delivery. But try to concentrate on the contents and make a note of them for further reference.

Noise is another barrier for effective communication. If you are trying to communicate in a backdrop of loud noise, then you won’t listen better.

Change your position or location to listen better. This happens most of the time when we are in a telephonic conversation and we can’t understand the speaker because of noise or connectivity problem.

Prejudice is another barrier for effective listening. Living in a diverse culture and cosmopolitan environment don’t just form an opinion about others but face him or her and try to understand. Having a biased approach towards others will not help improve your listening skills.


Some Handy essentials to Boost Your Improving Listening Skills

  • Try to put your FOCUS on the speaker and try to maintain a positive eye contact. Have the courtesy to listen and encourage the speaker.
  • You can improve your listening skills by nodding your head or expressing it by just one word answer like right or really.
  • Listen to understand the content and not be in a mood to give judgment.
  • You should express your opinion only when the situation is perfect. Don’t just try to give opinion at the drop of the hat. This means interruptions and that will decrease your listening skills.
  • The speaker may pause for a second in between. You should not misunderstand it as the end of the speech. Wait and see.
  • Figure out what the speaker is trying to say by listening the words or phrase he or she is using.
  • Giving feedback at times does improve our communication process. That is only possible if you can improve your listening skills.
  • Empathy is another vital factor which leads to improve listening. So just don’t waste your time being a passive listener. Try to be like one in the actual environment and feel what the speaker is actually experiencing. This will help improve the communication process.


Over to You

So what do you want? Do you want to be someone who is misunderstood by others? Surely no one wants to be in that position.

Improving listening skills can lead to fewer mistakes in your work place and help solve many of your problems. Improved listening makes and not breaks relationship. It also brings success and fortune.

So get up and give a kick start to your effort to improve your listening skills



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