Omission Of Articles In English Grammar You Should Know

use of articles make the sentence grammaticlly wrong

Most of the time we are taught how to use the articles like a, an and the but there are also certain cases where we need not use the articles but use it and make the sentence grammatical wrong. So let us see where we should not articles
Articles are not used before meal-time like breakfast, lunch and dinner
Example- I have only light food at breakfast
Before nouns which fall under proper, material and abstract nouns used in a general sense
Example- Gold is a costly metal and not the gold is a costly metal
Articles are not used in certain phrases which are made up of a preposition + noun
Example- He is at college and not he is at the college
Articles are not used in phrases where the phrases consist of transitive verb and its object like catch fire, leave school, take heart, set sail etc
Example- He left school in the afternoon and not he left the school in the afternoon.
Articles are not used before the names of continents, countries, capes, cities, days, towns, months, languages, science some disease etc.
Examples- German is spoken all over the world and not the German is spoken all over the world/ America is a rich country and not the America is a rich country.
Articles are not used before plural nouns used to denote a class like
Example- Mangoes are sweet and not the mangoes are sweet/ dogs are faithful animals and not the dogs are a faithful animal.
Articles are not used before nonspecific plural nouns like dolphins, calendars, teachers etc
Example- Dolphins are intelligent animals and not the dolphins are intelligent animals


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