Useful Collocations in English

Learn collocation speak better


know collocations to speak better

Learn collocation  to speak better



Collocations are set of words which go together which tends to give a solid effect to your speaking English. It makes your English language sounds better and you can speak fluent English when you master the set of collocations used commonly.


You can take a word like break. You will often hear English speakers using the word break with other words like down or even. It is seldom seen that the word break is used in solitary. It is now an accepted norm to use some words in combination with others.


It is paramount importance to know the words pairs which go together. Use of collocation has gained importance nowadays and so attention should be given to improving this part.


Don’t just concentrate on learning grammar and individual words. It is better to know a list of collocations in combinations with your grammatical language to help you speak better English and that too in a fluent manner.





 Break a promise

Break the law

Break a record

Break a habit

Break a leg

Break someone’s heart

Break the ice

Break the law

Break the rules

Break the news

Break the story

Break down

Break even

Break the silence

Break loose




Make progress

Make money

Make noise

Make a mess

Make a speech

Make a suggestion

Make an excuse

Make a phone call

Make a joke

Make a breakfast

Make trouble




Big decision

Big failure

Big mistake

Big surprise

Big deal

Big step

Big moment

Big difference

Big time

Big head

Big room

Big hand

Big job

Big say




Catch the bus

Catch cold

Catch fire

Catch a thief

Catch someone’s attention

Catch the flu

Catch the notice of

Catch the ball

Catch the opportunity

Catch your breath

Catch someone red-handed

Catch you later

Catch someone’s eye




Strong argument

Strong wind

Strong evidence

Strong feeling

Strong denial

Strong criticism

Strong commitment

Strong belief

Strong network

Strong connection




Take a break

Take a chance

Take a rest

Take a seat

Take someone’s place

Take one’s breath away

Take someone to task

Take someone for a ride

Take it easy

Take it as it comes




Have a nice day

Have a good time

Have a haircut

Have lunch

Have a drink

Have a day out

Have a holiday

Have a relationship





Great show

Great performance

Great understanding

Great skill

Great wisdom

Great power

Great minds

Great excitement

Great day

Great guns

Great escape

Great extent



Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the above list would help you to improve your English speaking skills .  This is not an exhaustive list , there are surely some more which you can get by browsing through some of the other English learning websites.

It is high time now to give importance to your collocations power rather than just concentrating on your grammar improvement and sentence structure .

When you have the list of collocations in your grip you will find YOURSELF in a much better position to speak confidently and sound better to others. In other words, you will be able to impress others easily through your speaking power.

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