See Look Watch- How To Use The Three Words Easily

See, Look Watch- the three confusing verbs for many

The word see is a verb. You don’t have to think at all to see and this activity is done when you have your eyes open. So we can in this sense see is not an action verb and cannot be used in continuous tense.


  • You can see the church at the top of the hill.
  • The moment we saw the man, we realized that he was a scoundrel.


Look– This word is also a verb. This activity takes place when we perform or instruct our eyes to see possibly for a short time.


  • Look! The house is on fire.
  • They looked at the tigers which were strolling inside the cage.


Watch– This word is also a verb and this is done when you look at something for sometime mainly concerned with something that is varying or moving.


  • Did you watch the game on television?
  • Did you watch the performance of the school kids on the occasion of the Independence Day?
  • Did you watch the latest film of your favorite actor?

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