What Is The Difference In The Meaning Of The Same Nouns In Singular& Plural Forms

different meaning of singular and plural nouns


Nouns in the singular forms-

  • Advice-Counsel
  • Air- Atmosphere
  • Authority- The power to give orders
  • Good- Nice or well behaved person
  • Iron- Metal
  • Force-Strength
  • Content- Satisfied
  • Work- Job
  • Earning- Income
  • Quarter- One-fourth
  • Return- To come back
  • Pain- Physical suffering

Same nouns in the plural forms-

  • Advices- Information or report
  • Airs- Proud behavior
  • Authorities- Persons in power
  • Goods- Property
  • Irons- Chains
  • Forces- Troops
  • Contents- Things contained
  • Works- Operations involving building or repair works
  • Earnings- Savings
  • Quarters- Houses
  • Returns- Earnings
  • Pains- Great efforts



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