What or Which-HOW TO Use Them Correctly

what or which-Is it really confusing

what or which-Is it really confusing

Do you know when to use what? Do you get confused sometimes when to use what or which? If so, then this post of mine gives a clear idea of when to use them.

So let’s get started and check out the tips to use the two words what and which.


Are you expecting a response which could be anything? Then use the word WHAT. Here there are lot of answers)

Let us look at some examples-

  • What is your favourite colour? ( the response could be red, green, blue or anything)
  • What is your name? (Tom, Peter, Ram , Pradip….)
  • What type of food do you like? (Indian, Chinese, Continental……)



The word which is used in question when the answers are limited by choice or the choice is defined.

Let us look at some examples-

  • Which are your favourite holiday destinations?
  • Which is your umbrella?
  • Which hand did you break?


Try to use which if you wish to add the possible answers as part of the question you are asking

  • Which dress did you buy? The blue or green one
  • Which boxes will you buy? The bigger or the smaller ones.
  • Which inn did you visit? The Pikers or the Blues.

One important thing to be kept in mind is that a QUESTION can start with WHICH or WHAT depending on what is in the mind of the speaker.

  • Which train leaves at 15 minutes interval? (Here it is defined between two trains. The name of the train may be the Gangotri express or the Kamprup express.
  • What train leaves from this station? (It can be any train, the response can be unlimited. Many trains may leave from a station.)

Over to You

So though confusing the use of the two words, WHAT and WHICH, this post surely has helped you to clear the confusion. Feel free to put your comments in the comment section below.








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