Whats The Difference Between Ever And Never

Know the differenc between ever and never
Difference between ever and never

Know the difference between ever and never

Have come across the two words “Ever” and “Never”? Are you unable to figure out how it can be used correctly? Then this post of mine would help you clear all doubts.

Look at these sentences below:

  • Have you ever seen a white elephant?
  • No, I have never seen a white elephant?

In the first sentence ever is used with the meaning ‘at any time”. So the question: Have you ever seen a white elephant? It means, at any time in your life did you see a white elephant.  The answer uses the word never which means at no time in my life have I seen a white elephant.

“Ever” when means always

The word “ever” is used conveying the meaning ‘always’


  • My brother is ever ready to help the poor people. ( means my brother is always ready to help the poor people)
  • My brother started playing the flute when he was 7 years old and has been playing ever since.( started playing when he was 7 years and is still playing the flute)

We can use ever having the meaning ‘at any time’ in positive sentence like:

  • If you ever come to my village, you must come to my home.
  • If my mother ever finds out I broke the glass, she would be very angry with me.

Ever is also used in a question form like:

  • Have you ever been to the museum?

Again we can use ever with a superlative structure in a relative clause

  • It was the most interesting film I had ever seen in my life.

You will find the expression “hardly ever” in sentences like

  • Tom hardly ever talks to other students in the class. (Tom talks very less or communicates with other students)

You will also come across the use of the word ever in fairy tales like:

  • The king and the queen lived HAPPILY ever after.

We can also use ever with never to put emphasis on:

  • I have never ever seen an animal like that.
  • I am never ever going to have any connection with them.

Use of Never

The word never is used as an adverb. It gives the meaning ‘at no time’

  • Peter never lets anybody down if ask for help.
  • This dress will never suit me even if get a lot thinner.

We can also use never in expression like:

  • “I am sorry I lost the pen you gave me. “ “Never mind, I can easily buy another one”.
  • “Better late than never” as a warning to drivers to drive slow and reach safely rather than driving fast and meeting accidents.





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